Blue Indian Salwar Kameez

Blue Salwar KameezColors blue, green, red, yes there is no life without colors. There is no meaning of wearing Salwar Kameez if colors are not there; color combinations are not there. The colors in material, the colors of decorative material like sippy, threads, beads, stars, tin glases, buttons, lacess, patches and zari generates the varity in fabrics to make the Indian salwar kameez.

The importance of color in Salwar Kameez depends upon the so many factors, Specific color / color combination for specific personality. No doubt in it each and every color does not suit on every body's personality. Even there is no parameter for judgement of beauty still some thing is popular like black color suits on white women or darker colors suit on white women and looks more beautiful then lighter colors.

Selection of colors: is an important factor in women Indian Salwar Kameez, if the Salwar Kameez design is wonderfull but the color selection by buyer is not suitable on that specific personality then there is no use of buying.

Ocassion/ Festival pron colors: India is a country of festival and occasions. Every ocassion and festival has its great importans and meanings. With each ocassion and festivals there are religious meanings are attached and colors too.

Like in wedding normally the bridal dress is of red or maroon color. In festival like Deepawali normally the women wears red salwar kameez or saree. In Shivratri and festival related to the God Vishnu, normally women wear yellow or kesari color's Salwar Kameez or saree.

So in Indian selling market there is huge varity of colors and colors combinations of salwar kameez with matching color dupatta can be found. Blue, Red, Green are primary colors in indian clothing.