Cotton Salwar Kameez

Cotton Salwar Kameez is a maximum sellable item in the hot season amongst the Indian women community. Cotton Salwar Kameez are popular according to its quality and prize. There is a big range in Cotton Kameez Salwar.

There are many types of Cotton Salwar Kameez that can be found in the market :
1. Pure Cotton : This is made of seed-pod of the plant of cotton, silk fibre in their raw state from cotton plant. It is pure cotton and made from raw cotton and after implementing the procedures it becomes cotton fabric. It has a feature of shrinking on first wash. Nice and cool to wear, good for hot season and does not effect on the skin like other synthetic clothes. There is no match for Cotton Salwar Kameez in respect of comfort, designs and cost.

2. Khadi Cotton : khadi is fine, viscose-blended cotton. There are so many qualities in khadi cotton. Khadi cotton has a big role in designer's Cotton Salwar Kameez these days. Some myth are that cotton is out of age and fashion. The khadi Cotton Salwar Kameez is a symbol of simplicity.

3. Mix Cotton : This is not pure cotton. It has ratio of 50% cotton and 50% synthetic cloth. This treatment gives stiffness to the cloth and there is no shrinkage on first wash. The compositions with cotton may be with tericott, wool, silk or any other fabric.

4. There are so many names that are famous in the cotton cloth market like South cotton, Ahmedabad Cotton, Crush Cotton, Rajasthani Cotton etc. In these type of cottons there is undoubted difference which depends upon the proportion to form the cotton fabric but basically the cotton has one origin.

Cotton is obtained from the seed-pod of the plant of cotton. Cotton is a natural, soft, vegetable fibre. Due to its comfort, cotton is very popular in the whole world especially in apparel items, cotton versatility and ability to give comfort. The cotton is almost pure cellulose in respect of the chemical composition. The unlayed form color of the cotton is cream. The length of the cotton fibre, normally is 1 and 1/2 inches. Normally the long cotton fibres are known for better quality. The cotton fabric is worn by a huge majority in India. It is comfortable to wear, durable, cool, sweat absorbing, light weight, multi color dyed, multi shaded etc. There are varied prize and quality of cotton found in the Indian market.