Embroidery Design for Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez making is a big industry in India and a number of people are involved in the Embroidery Design trade. There are a number of craftsmen who make beautiful Embroidery Design. Embroidery Design is defined as the ornamental needlework applied on the fabric along with a variety of threads like cotton, resham, silk, silver and gold etc. There are many decorative objects that can be used for embroidery like shells, beads, sippy, stars, stones and jewels etc. but the basic definition of Embroidery Design is needlework with threads on the fabric.

Embroidery Design can be categorized as the following:
1 Embroidery Design on Salwar Kameez by hand
2 Embroidery Design on Salwar Kameez by machine

Hand Embroidered Design Salwar Kameez is a result of the efforts done by the craftsmen. In such type of Salwar Kameez, the embroidery design work is not embellished with threads only. There are many decorative items that can be embroided along with the thread like sippy, stars, beads, moti, gungroo, laces, stones and jewels etc.

In machine Embroidered Design Salwar Kameez, the main component of Embroidery Design is threads of different colors and fabric like cotton, polyester, silk, resham, silver, gold etc. Machine embroidery has limitation but it has better look than the hand Embroidered Design Salwar Kameez.

India has a huge market place of Embroidery Design for Salwar Kameez. There is huge variety of Embroidered Design for Salwar Kameez ranging from neck embroidery design to entire Embroidered Design Salwar Kameez. Similarly readymade Embroidered Design for Salwar Kameez are also on hot selling market. The cost of the Embroidery Design depends upon the material used for Embroidery Design like from cotton thread to golden thread. So there is no limit of Embroidery Design for Salwar Kameez in respect of design, quality, cost and work done.