Fashion Salwar Kameez

Blue Salwar Kameez

Changes took place in Salwar Kameez Fashion as the time changed. New designs have been added in Fashion Salwar Kameez from time to time like wide Salwar with short Kameez and long dupatta.

Salwar Kameez fashion changed as Narrow Salwar with long Kameez and long Dupatta. Kameez fashion changed as Kameez with collar and buttons with Narrow Salwar known as Churidar.

As the film industry has grown, the fashion in Salwar Kameez came on boom. Every day Salwar Kameez Fashion touched the height of the latest trends. As one trend in Salwar Kameez grew obsolete, new one has emerged. The actress of Bollywood has a great role to introduce the variety of Salwar Kameez Fashion.

As the time changed, the Salwar Kameez Fashion has changed. A few Salwar Kameez Fashion lived long but some lived just for a day. In the latest trend it is difficult to say that this specific Salwar Kameez Fashion will live for how long.

Every day new Salwar Kameez Fashion were introduced by the designers. Life of the Salwar Kameez Fashion is not stable.

Since the last few years, different Salwar Kameez Fashion were introduced and made their place in the market and proved stable Salwar Kameez fashion upto some extent. A few of these Salwar Kameez that were introduced are

Patiala Salwar Kameez
Parallel Salwar Kameez
Boot cut Salwar Kameez

These styles of Salwar Kameez looked more attractive & impressive with different work done on them like

Embroidery on Salwar Kameez and Dupatta
Patch work on the Salwar Kameez and Dupatta
Kantha work on the Salwar Kameez and Dupatta

The designers introduced different Salwar Kameez Fashion like

Dhoti Cut Salwar Kameez. Dhoti is worn in Uttar Pradesh in India. Designers created Salwar like the Dhoti looks after wearing.

Salwar Kameez with different cuts, cuts at different places and sippy work thread work to decorate.

Sleeves fashion was introduced with Salwar Kameez fashion also like Bell shape sleeves, cuts shape, dori (thread) work in front of Sleeves.

Salwar Kameez Fashions was introduced and implemented based on the fabric also. A number of Salwar Kameez Fashion were introduced & expired, still some Salwar Kameez fashions made their place in the market and those are alive. These Salwar Kameez fashion are common among every kind of community from teenager group to the grownups.