Indian Clothing

India is a country of diverse cultures. It is such a large country that it is known as a sub-continent. People speak a magnitude of languages and follow different customs. Each cultural group follows its own customs and dress code. However, there are some styles that are worn by a majority of Indian Women. Among these are:

The Saree:

The Saree or Sari is a long unstitched fabric around 6 meters in length. It is worn or draped around the body. As mentioned above, the saree wearing style differs every few hundred kilometers. Sarees come in many attractive designs and a large variation of colors and shades. You enter a saree shop in India and you will face a riot of colors. Women wear a petticoat under the saree, which adds to the volume and elegance of the saree. The saree is hemmed at the lower end to add some weight to the fabric. The sari is accompanied by a blouse or choli.

The Kameez:

It is a shirt like apparel that goes below the knees. The sides of the kameez are split up tol the waist. The kameez is worn above a salwar or a ghagra, a heavily pleated full-length skirt like apparel.

The Ghagra or Lehenga:

The Ghagra or Lehenga is a long skirt like apparel that is heavily pleated. It comes in many bright colors and is mainly worn by the rural women belonging to the Indian states of Haryana and Rajasthan. It is a very elegant piece of clothing. As it is heavily pleated, it swings with an exaggerated movement that adds to the grace and elegance of the wearer's walk.

The Kurta:

The Kurta is also a kameez like apparel with some difference in design. The neck of the Kurta is typically designed and it is looser at the waist. In fact it is loose at the underarms and hips too. It is of knee length or might even end up above the knee. It is worn above a salwar or even a pair of jeans. If comfort is what you want, then the kurta is what you need.

The Dupatta:

The Dupatta or Chuni is a long scarf like apparel that is worn around the shoulders or the bosom. It normally is part of the Salwar Kameez, Punjabi suit or Lehanga choli.