22k Indian Gold Jewelry

In India jewelry is made from the latest technology. The old jeweler families have updated their profile to the demands of the new generation of gold lovers. Authentic ‘gold diggers’ swear by the 22k Indian Gold Jewelry. The prosperity index of many families varies with the purchase of gold jewelry from one season to another. The hall marking of genuine gold items was introduced when many 22k or 22 carat was being misused or being short charged due to handiwork during the alloying process. Today, with technical brilliance the luster of the yellow metal is intact and with BIS marking 22k Indian Gold Jewelry can be bought with certification.

22k Indian Gold Jewelry

The economical value of gold is gauged by its “karat” value. This word “karat” was coined from the word “Carob Tree”. In the ancient times, the seeds of the carob tree were used to measure valuable gems and jewels. So it is evident that buying 22k Indian Gold Jewelry is not easy. In order to make 1 oz of gold, one requires at least 2.5-3 tons of raw gold. Gold being a soft metal, it requires to combine with some other metal in order to be converted into an item of 22k Indian Gold Jewelry.

Being a precious metal BIS, as the National Standards Body of India has introduced the parameters to assign certification of authentication to genuine gold jewelry. When a consumer sees the IS 1418 mark it means fire assay method has been used to make the gold jewelry.

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