Ancient Indian Jewelry

Since ancient times jewelries are symbol of prestige and power in India. Long before the modern craftsmanship in jewelry making was discovered, the natives invented ancestral methods of jewelry designing. And till this date, such jewelries have not only sustained but are very popular. They are widely used not only in India but have a number of takers in western world as well.

Ancient Indian Jewelry

While gold was always the choice of the rich, the tribal artisans inclined towards easily obtainable raw materials to create wonderful pieces of jewelry. Some of the common materials used to create such ornaments are bone, clay, stone and wood etc. With the passage of time some metals were also included in the making of jewelry.

Even if most of these items were create in dearth of machines but that did not stop them to have fineness. Most of the original designs have extremely intricate designs. Though in modern times, authentic Ancient Indian Jewelry is available but most of the original raw materials have been substituted with similar looking objects. Like it is very rare to find jewelry made out of real bones but those made out ceramics replicate the original ones. But with the advent of machines, it is easy to create the fine designs displayed by the authentic ones. The designers have put forward their best foot to create tribal motifs. They were mainly of tribal gods and other forces of nature which they used to worship. It is easy to find tribal Indian jewelry. There are several designated stores for the same. They are all over the internet as well.

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