Contemporary Indian Jewelry

Contemporary Indian Jewelry, Native Indian Jewelry, Authentic Indian Jewelry

India has been known for its traditional market of jewelry but Contemporary Indian Jewelry too had found its place in the international market with its bold but wearable designs. Along with India’s heritage jewelry, jewelry designers have been creating contemporary jewelry items like bead necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins, earrings, belts, by using rare gemstones and crafting them into modern designs.

Contemporary Indian Jewelry

India’s long jewelry history from the Indus Valley Civilization, combined with Persian and Mughal styles, gives contemporary designers a variety of influences to choose from. The thrust today is to fashion those influences in new ways to befit contemporary use. The designers use traditional gold, which according to Hindu belief is a sacred metal symbolizing the warm sun, and silver, which stands for the cool moon, and other precious stones like ruby, emerald, in new and relevant ways for use to an international market. Designers use these sorts of symbols from ancient Indian culture which refer to gems, crystals and precious stones as sacred gifts from Mother Earth which have enhanced spiritual importance.

Designers also use tribal material like fibre, metal, twine, beads, thread work to make contemporary-urban designs.

This reinvention of heritage jewelry and remodelling of heirloom pieces passed on from generations in India, has been recently giving art jewelry a form of contemporary art like in the Western world.

Yet many believe that the hegemony of traditional jewelry form in India has limited the opportunity of bold contemporary designs for the larger Indian market.

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