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Gilbert Ortega was a successful entrepreneur who made it big during his life time selling Indian jewelry. Today in Scottsdale, Arizona is well known for a chain of stores that sell the Gilbert Ortega Indian jewelry across the town. The successful trader was well known for stocking exquisite pieces of turquoise and Indian jewelry. Today the family owned business still runs through online galleries and also brick and motor stores. The reputed store is a huge at 10,000 square feet in dimensions. It has several accessories that can be bought all under one roof.

<strong>Gilbert Ortega Indian</strong>

The store has expanded its inventory and now has a very large collection of not only Indian jewelry but Native American artisans’ handiwork. There are beautiful baskets, rugs, kachinas and pottery too. There is a popular demand for 14k gold jewelry and sterling silver pieces. From time to time the Gilbert Ortega Indian jewelry also conducts sales and introduces new stock. This Indian art and jewelry store was launched in the late 1970s. After the demise of Gilbert Ortega, the siblings carry on the family business.

The success of the family business for a long time has been attributed to selling genuine jewelry to regular customers. The jewelry sets are also inexpensive compared to the regular prices. Good quality articles can be found in all the stores. People, who love introducing new jewelry in their wardrobes, certainly have a great store providing fancy Gilbert Ortega Indian jewelry at reasonable rates. They have an attractive collection of jewelry sets for women.

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