Indian Beaded Jewelry

Indian Beaded Jewelry , Indian Bead Jewelry , Indian Bead Jewelry , Beaded Indian Jewelry

Beads are enchanting. They add colors, sophistication and elegance to any ornamental piece. No wonder, they are hugely popular in the world over. Indian beads are special both for their variety and the manner in which they are used. Indian bead jewelry includes all forms like neck pieces, earrings, rings, cuffs, bracelets etc. In all these unique items beads are used in varied forms. From simple daily wear beaded earrings to ornamental neckpieces suited for festive occasions, the range is quite varied. The spectrum of beads is affluent in beads of different shapes and colors. Be it round, oval, square, rectangular or any geometric patterns, Beaded Indian Jewelry makes use of all of them. There is vast variety in terms of colors as well.

Indian Beaded Jewelry

From organic colors to the artificially colors Indian Beaded Jewelry are available in every conceivable colors. Some of the popular beads used to create Indian bead jewelry are bone beads, ceramic beads, Kashmiri beads etc. Beads are also made out of Troll, velvet, resin, glass, shell, wood, clay etc. They are used by typical forms of beaded Indian jewelry. In modern times mostly beads are factory made but the craze for handmade beads have never died down. Bead making is no longer just an activity for children but has taken the form of fully fledged industry. The artificial pearl beads are produced in small industrial set ups. The same is true for Swarovski crystals, these expensive beads are used not for Indian bead jewelry but for garments to shoes as well. Beads stand for one of the most beautiful creation out of human imagination.

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