Indian Coral Jewelry

Indian Coral Jewelry, Coral Indian Jewelry, Red Coral Jewelry

Precious coral also called red coral due to its intense red or pink colour is used for making jewelry around the world. Popularly known as precious or red coral, Corallium rubrum provides permanent coloration and gloss, making it sort after for decorative use. It comes from a living being and is hence considered organic. For a specific living condition requisite for its growth, it is usually found in Mediterranean. In India, it is believed to possess mysterious sacred properties and is associated with the red planet Mars, according to Hindu astrology, as is worn in the ring finger. Its use in Indian jewelry therefore goes back a long time at the beginning of the Christian era when it was traded between Mediterranean and India.

Indian Coral Jewelry

In Southern India, it is a tradition for married women to wear coral beads throughout their matrimonial life for peace and harmony. As jewelry, roses carved into corals, also known as coral roses are popular and are often teemed with golden jewelry. Other colours like blue are used in bead jewelry, while the black coral is used which branches out, is used for bracelets and multi-strand necklaces.

The ones mainly used in Indian Coral Jewelry remain red, pink, and white corals.

The third gemstone in the Navaratna family, coral is usually polished into cut stones for use in jewelry. Usually, Indian jewelers, stud smaller corals into ornaments, along with other gemstones like diamonds. Apart from stringing corals into beads to make beaded jewelry, beautiful carvings of coral designs into leaves or flowers are also used as decorative jewelry in India.

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