Indian Dance Jewelry

Indian Dance Jewelry, Bharatanatyam Dance Jewelry, Indian Classical Dance Jewelry

Indian Dance Jewelry adds a spiritual dimension to the art of beautifying oneself with ornaments. Since most of the classical Indian dance forms are rooted in devotion and prayers to the almighty, the dance Indian Jewelry play a vital role in this aspect.

Indian Artificial Jewelry

In India several dance forms have originated and through years of practice they have gathered specialized elements. Be it dance forms, attires or jewelry there is a marked difference between several dance forms. One of the well known dance forms called Bharat Natyam uses temple jewelry. There are special pieces of jewelry made to be worn in head, hands, ankles and neck. Often they are made out of silver. The dancers wear a special anklet called a ‘ghungru’. Similarly there are special set of jewelry worn for various other dance forms like Kathakali, Oddisi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam, etc. Though in past the use of these jewelry was strictly restricted for dance performances but in recent times their use has been emancipated.

Much of this goes to the credit of designers who have discovered thousand ways to use these jewelries other than dance. A number of Indian Dance Jewelry is now a part of weeding collection. They not only look great but bring unconventional grandeur. The belly belt is one of the additions from the dance jewelry. There are quite number of varieties of the item. Be it the heavier ones or the light weight collection, they bring in style. Thus, Indian Dance Jewelry is here to stay and create waves in the fashion world.

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