Indian Ethnic Jewelry

Indian Ethnic Jewelry , Ethnic Indian Jewelry, Traditional Indian Jewelry

It is magnanimous that the history of Indian Ethnic jewelry dates back to 5000 years. In the course of these years the art form has evolved to suit the changing taste and preference. If sometimes new artifacts came into use with changing monarchies, the other times it was just the ebb and flow of fashion. Yes, fashion is a term which has always been associated with Indian Ethnic jewelry.

Indian Ethnic Jewelry

More than anything, the large collection of Indian Ethnic Jewelry showcases the riches of the land, its cultural diversity and aesthetic diversity. In different points of history such items like different kinds of necklaces like ‘hansali’ and ‘rani-haar’, earrings like ‘jumkas’, chandelier earrings, pasha etc, toe rings, anklets, mangtikas, bangles, bracelets, nose rings, rings etc have come into existence. The heavy necklaces or earrings studded with varied colored gems and stones look gorgeous on brides.

Till date there has been hardly any substitute to these ethnic creations. Traditionally these ornaments were made out of various metals. If gold and silver ruled the choice of the affluent, iron copper and even clay were parts of the tribal jewelry. Indian Ethnic Jewelry presents varied use of gems and stones.

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