Indian Foot Jewelry

Indian Foot Jewelry , Indian Anklet Jewelry , Blackfoot Indian Jewelry

Unlike in the western countries, people in India are connoisseurs of exquisite and stylish jewellery designs. The skilful craftsmen of this country are responsible for this phenomenon. Traditional Indian jewellery is heavily bought and sold among people of all castes and age groups. Prominent among them are items of Indian foot jewellery. The female toe has been portrayed in cultural plays and old paintings as an element of sensuality. Therefore, it is an organ which has to be kept neat and clean and decorated. This makes “toe rings” a very important part of the Indian jewellery. Also noteworthy are other items like anklets, which are worn on the feet and form a very important part of Indian anklet jewellery.

Indian Foot Jewelry

Indian history is full of photographs of dancing women exposing their feet with anklets having jingling beads. These anklets form a vital part of Indian classical dance forms where the dancer has to concentrate on rhythmic footwork. The jingling of the beads present in the anklets guides the dancer’s movements. In some regions, the women wear anklets with foot bells. These bells ring when the women walk and this sound frighten snakes on the prowl. This sound also helps their men follow their movements. The Blackfoot is a tribe of Native Americans who have specific dressing styles. Their main vocation is hunting buffaloes. Traditional Blackfoot Indian jewellery comprises of traditional leather items embellished with natural colours. The Blackfoot tribe originates from Idaho. The Indian jewellery can be worn in different styles.

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