Indian Forehead Jewelry

Indian Forehead Jewelry , Indian Bindi Jewelry, Indian Jewelry

In India jewelry is not just an accessory. Every piece of jewelry has its own significance. When it comes to Indian Forehead Jewelry the symbolism associated with is generally associated with the marital status of a woman. In many parts of the country a mangtika or piece of jewelry worn in the forehead is a must have in the bridal jewelry. A mangtika brings in gorgeousness to the bridal get up. They are also worn by relatives and friends. In past ladies of regal household would routinely sport a mangtika, but the modern day women have limited their use to weddings and festivals. There are quite a few patterns of mangtikas.

Indian Forehead Jewelry

Those from the state of Rajasthan have a distinct identity and differ from the rest others. Very similar to the mangtika is the tiara. Though tiaras are common in Western countries as well, but the Indian Forehead Jewelry has embraced them well. There are varied forms of tiara available in the country. Though modern sleek designs are preferred choice of many, but the appeal of the junk antique pieces are time tested. They are often created out gold, silver, copper etc. The craze for the pieces which are gem studded is ever rising.

In recent times the Indian Bindi jewelry has come into existence. Though bindis were prevalent among Indian women, more and more western buyers are waking up the decorative quality of the bindi. India, usually bindis signify a plethora of things but bindi jewelry is purely experimental. Often designers use the traditional bindi as a jewelry piece and it looks great.

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