Indian Gold Jewelry

Indian Gold Jewelry, Indian Gold Jewelry Online, Indian Gold Jewelry Designs

There is no doubt that the famed Indian gold jewelry has become a valuable asset and investment for many people. But one cannot ignore the need for its cosmetic and beauty value when worn for special occasions. The art of crafting jewelry with 24 carat or 22 K gold metal has developed over several centuries. With so much talent, it is hardly news, that craftsmen are still stylish in their output. Gold has been used in solitary state and is also combined with other precious metals like silver and copper. Burnished gold, combination of cool silver and champagne colored gold alloy have added new dimensions to the attractive jewelry ranges.

Indian Gold Jewelry

While being sold, Indian Gold Jewelry is classified into distinct categories. Some of the most popular classification pertains to designs for bridal wear; party, vintage, classic, new patterns and combinations with silver and studded precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls. Other significant categories also include designs of Indian Gold Jewelry in 22k, meenakari, thewa, temple jewelry etc. The yellow metal also gains tremendous importance and buying frenzy during festivals. It is considered auspicious and a symbol of prosperity. Important days like Akshay Tritiya, Diwali and Dushhera mark the ‘gold rush buying spree’ all over India. It is not just a simple commodity but a valued product with cultural significance.

Indian Gold Jewelry does not have an expiry date. To add to its glitter, one can safely buy ISI marked genuine gold jewelry items from online or offline stores.

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