Indian Imitation Jewelry

Indian Imitation Jewelry , Imitation Indian Jewelry, Imitation Jewelry Exporters

India is a land where experimentation with jewelry is a constant affair. This has led to the addition of several new items and finally has brought in the imitation jewelry. They say true beauty cannot be replicated. But, Indian Imitation Jewelry begs to differ from this popular saying. They not mirror the beauty of the original pieces but have longevity as well.

Indian Imitation Jewelry

Imitation Indian jewelry was originally made with a purpose of substituting the original ones. But after existence of quite a number of years, they have created a special niche for themselves. The imitation jewelry use metals which are not so precious but have similar luster as that of gold. The prime difference that the luster of gold is forever but that of imitation is short lived. Further, Indian imitation jewelry display similar designs as that of made out of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. They have bead work, semiprecious stone work, Kundan work, meenakari etc.

A number of imitation jewelries are made out of oxidized metals. Most of the imitation jewelry is machine made. An important section of imitation jewelry is that of costume jewelry. They are inspired from different kinds of traditional jewelry. The cuffs, chokers, forehead jewelry, bangles, earrings, rings etc are just some examples of beautiful pieces of imitation jewelry.

One of the major benefits of such jewelry is that they are available for much lesser price than the original ones. Hence they are affordable to the masses. Further while buying the imitation jewelry one needs not to worry about the authenticity.

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