Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry, Traditional Indian Jewelry, Gold Plated Indian Jewelry

Adorning the head with a crown or tiara or the body with sparkling jewels has been a remarkable way Indians have made themselves distinguished. Indian jewelry has a huge demand within the country and abroad. Traditional concepts and contemporary influences have made jewelry the most sought after accessory. The entire sub-continent boasts of unique ways of making these refined adornments for men and women across various classes.

Indian Jewelry

From centuries, some patterns and designs have survived and so has the art of making Indian Jewelry. The variety is eclectic as it ranges from ever popular Thewa from Chittor, Tarkashi from Kashmiri artisans, enameled Meenakari from Royal Rajasthani and Mogul influences made in Benaras, Udaipur and Delhi, precious stone crusted and embedded Kundan jewelry of the royal palaces, Jadau & Jadtar of the Mogul period, being handmade in Rajput localities, Pachchikam silver setting from Gujarat & Kutch, Vadaseri or Kemp Indian Jewelry from south Indian (special jewelry only for Gods).

Whether the items are designed by machines or hand crafted, as they still are in some regions, the intricate value is more than cosmetic. Indian Jewelry, especially made from gold, and precious stones are an investment for many families. It also is a benchmark of the social status even today. Several creative jewelry designers have reintroduced traditional elements to make modern designs. The vintage Indian Jewelry has its own inherent charm. The new jewel tones and designs have a structured look and command very attractive prices with their classic and timeless appeal.

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