Indian Kundan Jewelry

Indian Kundan Jewelry , Indian Jewelry Kundan, Indian Kundan Jewellery

The tussle between traditional and the new age jewelry is hard to resolve. But then when it comes to traditional Kundan jewelry, the tilt is certainly towards tradition. Originally Kundan jewelry was meant to be heavy but in some modern variants lighter version have also emerged. The Indian Kundan Jewelry was originally the creation of artisans from the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Till date the two states excel in production of high quality Kundan jewelry. But with the changing time, more and more organized jewelry production units have taken up the art from local artisans. They have not only succeeded in keeping alive the traditional designs but added with the new ones.

Indian Artificial Jewelry

The Indian jewelry Kundan is available in two forms. The first one is generally made out of gold with Kundan design on it. Often precious and semi precious gems are used along with original kundan work. It is avidly costly and mostly used as bridal jewelry. There are large number of items that include mangtikas, bangles, neck pieces, anklets, brooches, sari pins etc. They are also suited for festive wear. The other variety is that of imitation Kundan jewelry. They replicate the original ones in designs and forms but do not have gold or silver as the base metal. They too exhibit fabulous designs. They are in great demand these days. They form the less costly segment of the Indian Kundan Jewelry.

The Indian Kundan Jewelry is not only suitable for Indian wear but is often clubbed with western wear to create unique fashion statements. The chandelier earrings and rings are especially popular for this segment.

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