Indian Polki Jewelry

Indian Polki Jewelry, Polki Indian Jewelry, Polki Jewelry

Indian Polki Jewelry is designed out of the diamonds that are uncut and are built with the same diamond. The diamonds that are used for this Indian Polki Jewelry are neither cut nor molded to fit in the metal. Instead the element carrying the diamond is made in such a way that the stone is fitted in it perfectly.

Indian Polki Jewelry

Polki Indian jewelry come in different designs in items like rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets, etc. They are mostly available in geometric designs that give it a more elegant look. It also is available in combination of stones like rubies, emerald and the colored uncut diamonds which are called polki. When polki is used in a necklace, it can be attached in a gold or silver chain or a string. Along with the neckpiece, polki jewelry can also be used in earrings to have a complete polki set.

The best part about buying Indian Polki Jewelry is that one can combine different stones with it to get a unique design. Mostly polki jewelry is used in weddings as it is very heavy and gives an expensive look. The whole set can also contain a polki bracelet or bangles. Polki Indian jewelry is termed as one of the most trendy jewelry items these days. It can also be custom made as a traditional jewelry or as per the requirement of the consumers. It is these days used by brides to match their wedding costume aptly.

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