Indian Style Jewelry

Indian Style Jewelry, Jewelry Indian , Indian Made Jewelry

India is a country of diverse cultures and religions. In keeping with this diversity, there are different Indian Style Jewellery designs that skilful artisans have carved out of precious stones like gold, silver, bronze, copper, kundan, etc. The tradition of jewellery making was started about 5000 years ago. Initially, it was done by hand and it required a lot of patience and dedication in order to carve out each piece of jewellery Indian.

Indian Style Jewelry

But with modernisation, and the introduction of new designs among Indian made jewellery, jewellery making operations were mechanised. Although, now it took comparatively less time to make a piece of jewellery, the originality that was available in ancient Indian made jewellery pieces no longer existed. The Indian made jewellery industry has evolved from the time jewellery was bought by the royalty, to the time when it is now treated as an item of fashion to be flaunted at will. Over the years, there have been numerous changes. Some of these changes proved to be profitable for the industry, but there were some others which affected the industry adversely. But the one thing that has not changed over the years is the carefulness of the Indian customer.

Just as in the olden times, today, purchase of high value Indian made jewellery is a high value purchase and is done with the whole family. The old practice of buying heavy jewellery for special occasions still persists. This is a good omen for this dynamic industry and it brings positive vibes for the future of this industry.

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