Indian Tribal Jewelry

Indian Tribal Jewelry, Native Tribal Jewelry, Ancient Indian Jewelry

The tribes in Indian follow an altogether different culture. The jewelry that is worn by these tribes has a huge role to play in the history of Indian jewelry making. Stated as one form of the ethnic Indian art, Indian tribal jewelry is the most unique form of jewelry available in India. It is rusty and the color defines the flavour of tribal culture in the country. The jewelry that the tribes in Indian carry is made from the locally available material. The Indian tribal jewelry was firstly only used by the tribes but as its demand increased, the jewelers too started designing such jewelry. The tribes make use of materials like wood, shells, bone, clay and crude metals, but as the fashion developed in the cities, jewelers modified it in their own way. Now this tribal jewelry is available in precious as well as semi precious stones and also in precious metals. Because of their designs and uniqueness of color and flavor, its demand has increased even more. Not only in India but the demand of the Indian tribal jewelry has also reached the international market. International jewelry designers too have started focusing on making tribal jewelry.

Indian Tribal Jewelry

The Indian tribal jewelry contains items like rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, etc. and also body jewelry like belts, anklets, etc. All this jewelry is very heavy and rustic to look. It contains a strong country flavor that has made the Indian tribal jewelry more demanding. It is said to be a pure example of Indian craftsmanship.

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