Indian Turquoise Jewelry

Indian Turquoise Jewelry , Turquoise Indian Jewelry , Indian Jewelry Turquoise

Over the years the horizon of Indian Jewelry has expanded to include unique jewelry. Those made out of the expensive gem turquoise, are among the most explicit ones. The tradition of making jewelry from turquoise was originally borrowed from the American shores where it originated. But in India many new forms were added to it over the course of years. The most prized Indian Turquoise Jewelry is the antique pieces. Most of these belong to the members of the royal families and the monarchs. They are not only valued for the use of the precious stone but also for the fine designing. One can find earrings, rings, neckpieces and cuffs etc with turquoise studded in them. Gold or platinum usually serves to be the base metal. But with the passing time, the appeal of turquoise has surpassed the royal periphery and has become the choice of sophisticated jewelry collectors.

Indian Turquoise Jewelry

The modern day Indian Turquoise Jewelry is generally made out of sterling silver. Since turquoise looks on silver, it is used to create beautiful pieces studded into the metal. Though Turquoise Indian jewelry is available with most of the leading jewelry stores from the country but there are some selected designers who specialize in this category of jewelry. They have appeared as a great choice for costume jewelry.

While shopping for Indian Turquoise Jewelry, one must be alert about the authenticity of the gem. Though reputed stores are equally conscious about the authenticity but fakes cannot be ruled out. There is a huge cost difference between the original and fake jewelry. Rest apart, the endlessness of turquoise blue has something to fall in love about.

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