Indian Victorian Jewelry

Indian Victorian Jewelry , Victorian Indian Jewelry , Indian Victorian Style Jewelry

Experience the majestic charm of the Victorian era with the Victorian Jewelry. Beauty is inherent in every piece of jewelry produced from this period. The genre of jewelry explores new avenues and the creations mark a distinct identity.

The Indian Victorian jewelryis inspired by the original creations in Britain during the Victorian era. In some rare collections original pieces are available. But they mainly constitute antique pieces and fetch extraordinary prices. Since India was a colony to Britain, Victorian India Jewelry, are modeled on the most authentic designs from the era. It is an interesting fact that a number of Indian style Victorian Style Jewelry, are actually designed as per jewelry pieces owned by the queen herself. Since she was very fashionable, jewelry from this period are essentially stylish.

Indian Victorian Jewelry

Though the Indian Victorian jewelryis a designed as per the jewelry making norms of this period but they have their own individuality. The designers take the liberty to club fine features of jewelry from this period with those of Indian origin to create jewelry par excellence. Mostly ornaments display diamonds set on ever youthful luster of gold. The use of white gold only makes the designs all the more attractive.

Neck pieces, bracelets, earrings, rings etc modeled on Victorian era are still very much in fashion. Brooches were also very popular during the era and so were decorative hair pins. But the one item that deserves a special mention is engagement rings they are perfect tool to woo lady love.

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