Vintage Indian Jewelry

Vintage Indian Jewelry, Best Vintage Jewelry, Traditional Indian Jewelry

People who are fond of traditional and ancient jewelry have their heaven in India. The arena of Vintage Indian Jewelry is so expanded that itís not easy to find its shores. Yet, hundreds of jewelry makers from the country work eagerly recreate the charm of Vintage Indian Jewelry. To great extent artisans have succeeded in preserving the jewelry trends of the past. And they have reasons to celebrate when it is said that such pieces have many taker from the world over.

Vintage Indian Jewelry has several classifications. One can find an entire range of ornaments in tribal jewelry. They use stuff like stone, inlay, shells and copper etc to create chokers, bracelets, earrings etc. Several designers are engaged in creating their own lines of tribal Indian jewelry.

Vintage Indian Jewelry

From tribal to the royal jewelry it is a big leap. But they share one thing in common which is individuality. The royal jewelry showcases extreme elegance. They are made out of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Many of these are gem studded. Some of the finest diamond jewelry forms a better part of the Vintage collection from India. Original pearls are also used to create fine jewelry. ĎMinakari Ďis also a popular kind of Vintage Indian Jewelry. The other typical characteristic of Indian Jewelry is the motifs. Some motifs like the Sun, elephants and peacocks were used explicitly for the jewelry worn by members of royal family. But in present context they are widely used to create vintage jewelry. Other motifs like flowers and intricate patterns can also be found in vintage jewelry.

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