Zuni Indian Jewelry

Zuni Indian Jewelry, Zuni Indians Jewelry, Zuni Turquoise Jewelry

With more and more of people realizing the importance of fashion in everyday life, a new perspective of jewelry has also come into being. Being in fashion is no social obligation but a source of enjoyment. While keeping a tab of the ‘latest’, means experiencing thousand new ways of expressing oneself. It feels great to express style quotient with Zuni Indian Jewelry.

Zuni Indian Jewelry

Strange it may sound but the trendiest of Zuni Indian Jewelry are those which have been crafted the early 20th century. Those who love the sparkle of hems and stones, Zuni Indian Jewelry are for them. The Zuni Indians are specialist in stone cutting as small as needle point. These fabulously cut stone are then fixed into simple jewelry pieces made out of silver. The lapidary arts made famous by this school of artisans’ remains the first choice of fine jewelry designers. Turquoise is one of the most common gems used by these artists. They cut it into needle points and rearrange them into beautiful patterns and then set it on silver or any other metal.

They use various other gems in the similar pattern to create mind blowing light weight jewelry. The other characteristic of such jewelry is that they are usually very colorful. Since gems of various patterns are used, so the artists take the liberty to play with colors.

Traditionally, these artists were known to create jewelry with turquoise, coral and beads. There is also a market influence of stories or characters in Zuni Indian Jewelry.

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