Embroidered Kurtis

With the emancipation of traditional roles attached with women, there has been marked difference in the way they dress. Casual and trendy dressing is the order of the time. When it comes to unfussy dressing, it would be fit to mention Kurti. Women of all ages and occupations find it difficult to deny them because they fit so very well for every role they take up.

Embroidered Kurtis

Fashion is never stale with Kurti. It includes so many variations that new designs and patterns come in all kinds of seasons. They borrow embroidery patterns from far and wide cultures. These patterns are used to create traditionally made elegant Embroidered Kurtis.

The Embroidered Kurtis have known by their regions they originate from. It sports the elaborate embroidery work exclusively by the name of Chikan. The embroidery done with cotton threads is apt for casual kurtis. The Kashmiri Kurti vastly sports the Kashmiri embroidery pattern. Several fabrics like cotton, silk and wool are used to create such Embroidered Kurtis. The Lucknowi Kurti is also famous for its embroidery work. The embroidery work is primarily Chikan work, with small variations like bid work and sequins. They are largely preferred as summer kurti collection. Khadi Kurtis is the coolest choice for the new age. If it is deeply rooted with revitalization of the use of Khadi as a dress material, it also signifies the mixture of tradition and fashion.

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