Latest Fashions Salwar Kameez

In the latest fashion the modifications in respect of style, design, and additional artwork/handwork are popular. Latest fashion is based upon the traditional Salwar Kameez with the following changes:

Traditional Salwar Kameez converted to the Patiala and Dhoti style Salwar Kameez. Kameez is more fancy and may be short or long as per desire. But instead of decorative work like embroidery, glass, sippy work, there is design work done by expert tailors.

Churidar traditional Salwar Kameez converted into Parallel and Bootcut style with front opening; side slits; inside slits; embroidery on front opening; embroidery on side slits; thread work on the openings; thread work on the Kameez neck, back and front neckline.

These days there is a latest popular trend of wearing Salwar Kameez and dupatta with the different shades, style and fabric. Like Kameez is made of self-print of one design, salwar made of self-print of other design and dupatta of different stuff or it is dyed with gradients of matching colors.

Popular Neck designs embellished with thread work, bead work, bells work, loops and buttons work, cut and curves work done by the tailor by hand.