Latest Salwar Kameez

This is an era of latest trends and settings with styles added to old traditional Salwar Kameez. Kameez styles, shapes and cuts are all changed in latest Kameez and in Latest Salwar. Traditional Salwar Kameez has its own bench mark but Latest Salwar Kameez brings new benchmarks every day.

Few Latest Salwar Kameez have no specific name still the teenagers community can be seen in those types of latest kameez. Few popular Kameez styles are diagonal cut, chest cut, short cut, sleek look, body look, dress type kameez etc.

Diagonal Cut : kameez is same as traditional kameez except that it has diagonal cut at bottom and diagonal cut in front of sleeves.

Chest cut : kameez is same as traditional kameez upto chest and neck comes from back.

Short Cut : Kameez has length upto waist and the body area in between waist and pant is visible.

Sleek Look : Kameez has V shape look wide from top and narrow at bottom with little tight fitting.

Body Look : Kameez is made of stretchable cloth or net with the shape of body curve and full fitting on the body.

Dress type Kameez : Long Kameez upto chest with Salwar and Chunni.

Latest Salwar Kameez types can be seen in the market these days. Few Latest Salwar styles are popular like Bootcut, Parallel, Patiala etc. Now the enhancement of these are also available in the bollywood market.

Bootcuts are with huge bottom and with multi color patches stitched one by one. Latest Bootcut from top upto knee comes straight that takes shape like flat umberalla with number of colorful stitched patches. Other style that come have cuts upto knee.

Parallel is stiched with unform 80% fabric of one type that has matching other fabric and is stiched with internal cut increasing bottom area that looks graceful.

Paliala has changed in bear legs style and Dhoti style (Dhoti is normally worn in Uttar Pradesh part of India.) Patiala is now a tight huge pleated churidar and the latter is pleated loose made dhoti style.