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Pakistani Salwar Kameez -The Salwar Kameez is very popular not only in India but also in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Salwar Kameez is a national dress of Pakistan and Afghanistan people (both men and women). In these countries "Salwar" is known as shalwar.

A long shirt or a tunic is called Kameez. Latin camisia "shirt" , tunic", inherited this word Kameez. The Kameez is normally straight and cut flat. Pakistani Kameez normally very loose and having decoration on neck and sleeves. Pakistani Kameez as compared to Indian Kameez is different. It has wide chest, parallel wide waist and wore wide or loose circumference bottom. Length of Pakistani Kameez is normally below knee and loose from sleeves. The back neck line normally is very high to hide the back of body due to some religious purposes.

Salwar or Shalwar is normally loose pyjama-like trousers. The upper portion of the salwar is wide spread. And the bottom portion of the salwar is narrow. salwar has wide spread waist band or known as belt with gathered pleates. Gather pleates gives more space and extra comfort and good for winter season. Pakistani salwar is normaly loose salwar at hip area like a baggy pant.
Waist band has tunnel for drawstring to hold the salwar at waist. Sometimes, Pakistani Salwar has 1" cuts from inside of the salwar to wear with shoes. The modification in the Pakistani Salwar is known as Churidar by cutting the excess area all around the salwar.

The kameez is a long shirt or tunic. The word is derived from the Latin camisia "shirt, tunic", from which it probably made its way into various European languages (see chemise) and also into Arabic, the likely immediate source for kameez. The kameez is usually cut straight and flat; older kameez use traditional cuts, as shown in the illustration; modern kameez are more likely to have European-inspired set-in sleeves. The tailor's taste and skill are usually displayed not in the overall cut, but in the shape of the neckline and embellishment of the kameez.

Pakistani women usually wear a long scraf or dupatta with the salwar kameez. Dupatta or scarf is known as Chunni also. For Muslim ladies community, the dupatta is a stringent alternative to the burka. For Indian ladies, specially from North India, they love to wear Salwar Kameez with dupatta. Hindu ladies covers their heads with dupatta in the presence of elders or visiting the holy places. Dupatta is an accessory for Salwar Kameez and looks great with Shalwar Kameez.


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