Salwar Kameez Fabric

There is no limitation of Salwar Kameez fabric. These days it is very difficult to judge the fabric type, you can only trust the seller that he is giving you the right material. Here are a few basic fabric types found in India :

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Crepe Fabric
  • Georgette Fabric
  • Silk Fabric
  • Wool Fabric

Cotton fabric is a real cool and soothing fabric. It is very comfortable during summers. Cotton Salwar Kameez are available in very attractive, light and pastel shades. Lucknawi or Lucknawi Chicken Kurtas are made of very fine and thin cotton with intricated hand embroidery of Lucknow. These kurtas are generally embroided with white thread over very soft colored fabric.

Cotton Salwar Kameez: Cotton Salwar Kameez come in various designs like the famous Sanganeri handprints, Tie-and-Dye prints and South Indian cotton prints (Kalamkari).

Crepe Salwar Kameez: Crepe salwar kameez are also quite popular. Crepe is a thin wrinkle-textured flowing fabric. Plain crepe salwar kameez are available in many colors and shades. They are also available with embroidery, both hand made and machine made. Mysore is famous for its crepe fabric. Mysore crepe is preferred by the younger generation because of its figure hugging quality. A young woman in a crepe salwar kameez looks very charming and attractive.

Georgettes Salwar Kameez: Georgettes make gorgeous Punjabi Salwar Kameez and salwar kameez. You can wear them both as party wear and normal wear, depending upon the quality of the fabric and the embroidery done. Hand made intricate embroidery gives the fabric an absolutely stunning look. India is one country that is blessed by a plethora of embroidery-families that have learnt their art from the elders in the family. This intricate art has been handed down for generations. Georgette and typical Indian embroidery go hand-in-hand and blend beautifully.

Silk Salwar Kameez: Silk is a lovely fabric that is made into cloth usually for formal occasions. The pure the silk, the more expensive it is. Silk salwar kameez, heavily ornate with embroidery is a typical Punjabi bridal dress, with an equally heavy embroided dupatta or chunni. Bridal salwar kameez are typically red or pink in color, as these colors are considered auspicious. Silk is a sensuous and luxurious fabric that can be adorned with lighter embroidery also. Silk is very comfortable during the winters. Silks come with various price tags. Hence, you will find silk Punjabi suits in offices, restaurants, parties, festivals, religious occasions, and other formal events. Silk is an evergreen fabric that has never gone out of fashion since ages. Oriental India wore silk and it carried through the ages; and it continues to drape the present era.

Wool Salwar Kameez: Woolen Punjabi Salwar Kameez is worn during winters in areas that are very cold. They normally come in darker colors and shades. You will find woolen suits with light to heavy embroidery. You can buy a cheap woolen suit if the quality of the wool is not pure. Good woolen fabrics with assured quality marking are expensive and they are very warm as well.