Salwar Kameez Fashion Wear

The bollywood is trendsetter for fashion salwar kameez wear. In India, mostly fashion begins in bollywood industry and then move to the community through movies. The bollywood heroines / actress wear salwar kameez of latest fashion. Fashion comes in rotation also. It is not true that one fashion cannot be repeated in future; even very old fashion can come again after a long time.

In ancient times, the race of fashion with time was very slow but in the modern time it is very fast. The life of one fashion is not very long; some times fashion comes for few days only.

The origin of fashion is traditional salwar kameez; gradually the modernization took place in the traditional things. Traditional salwar kameez and churidar became as Patiala, bootcut and parallel. Further the changes are continuing in the styles in Patiala, bootcut and parallel also. Few names also came up like dhoticut and umberalla cut.

Everyday, the change in style continues like changes in curve and cuts, changes in fabric, changes in hand work done on the salwar kameez.