Salwar Kameez Kurtis

Fashion has no fixed parameters. Any type of combination, style, designs, if looks good, comes up and gets the popularity. Basically Salwar Kameez with Kurti is known as Pathani dress and very popular in Pakistan and Afganistan. And in India it is also popular in North India especially Kashmir. Normally the men and women of Kashmir wear Salwar Kameez with Kurtis.

The material of Kurtis is Shaneel (Makhmal), a special soft fabric got from a insect of Resham or Makhmal.

The basic dress is simply traditional salwar kameez. A long shirt or a tunic is called Kameez. The Kameez is normally straight and cut flat. Kameez is loose fitting or tight fitting as per desire. The length of Kameez is normally below knee and loose from sleeves. The back neckline is 3-4 inches or as desired.

Salwar is normally loose all around. The upper portion of the salwar is wide spread. And the bottom portion of the salwar is narrow. Salwar has wide spread waistband or known as belt with gathered pleates. Gathered pleates gives more space and extra comfort and good for winter season. Waistband has tunnel for drawstring to hold the salwar at waist.
Sometimes kurti is cut sleeve and worn on the Kameez with front opening. There is no hard and fast rule for the fabric of kurti but normally it is worn in winter season so women prefer soft makhmal fabric like Makhmal or pashmina etc. With kurti ladies usually don't wear dupatta.