Salwar Kameez Make

The Salwar Kameez and saris both are Indian traditional dress. Punjabi women community mostly wears Salwar Kameez in North India. Saris are a very common dress worn all over India. These days both the dresses are popular all over the world.

Basically Salwar Kameez is a three-part combination as Salwar Kameez with Dupatta and sari is also three piece combination as Sari, Blouse and Peticot.

These days there is a trend of suits being made from saris. Sari is normally 6 yard long. For Salwar Kameez there is a requirement of 5-6 yard cloth to Make Salwar Kameez (including extra large sizes). Normally, designers work with beautiful saris with a contrast color dupatta to make beautiful combination and sell at high prizes.

Salwar Kameez (made from saree) gives a different look and a number of unique designs can be found.

In hot markets, sellers display Salwar Kameez with dupatta made by saris and sell as readymade Salwar Kameez.