Salwar Kameez Pattern

Salwar Kameez Pattern , in simple definition, is the pattern or the Styles/ Designs of Salwar Kameez. Pattern is a ray shape of designs or a specific components of designer's creativity in the shape of paper or thin tin plates. Salwar Kameez Pattern are component with appropriate details of designing, designer, date of making patterns or design components, measurements, graded sizes etc. The assembly of cuttings through these patterns with the real fabric becomes as the Salwar Kameez Patterns or the different designs. There is no parameter of Kameez Patterns in respect of designing on bodice or neck, sleeves, back neck length and fittings.

Kameez patterns can be divided into components:
Neck kameez patterns : There are unlimited neck patterns. A few are:
(i) Round Neck: it is semi circle at the front and crescent or round shape at the back depending upon the measurements.
(ii) U Neck : The neck looks like alphabet "U" from the front and back as per given design.
(iii) V Neck : The neck looks like alphabet "V" from the front and back as per given design.
(iv) Pointed U Neck : The front is like alphabet "U" with pointed very small v at front of "U" neck.
(v) Split Round Neck : The neck is round with front opening around 2".
(vi) Boat Neck : The neck design is just like boat with low from front, back around 4"-5" and wide broad from shoulders like 9"-10"
(vii) Square Neck : The front neck is just like mathematical square and back depending upon given design.
(viii) Mandarian Collar : The front is open with high collars.

Sleeves kameez patterns: There are a variety of sleeves kameez patterns like cut sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4th sleeves and full sleeves. Further there are so many different kameez patterns containing different curves and styles in sleeves like bell shape pattern, umberella shape pattern, cuff pattern etc. Similarly there are many patterns for bodice of the kameez.

Pattern salwar is also necessary to form the different shaped salwar like traditional salwar, patiala salwar, churidar, bootcut, parallel and dhoticut etc. Further Salwar Kameez Pattern can be modified depending upon the creativity of the designers.