Salwar Kameez Picture

There is a big role of Salwar Kameez Picture in online salwar kameez selling because there is no physical interactivity in between the seller and buyer.

Tips to take the Pictures of Salwar Kameez
Dressing style

Background has a big role to take proper pictures. There should not be reflection area in background. Normally use Maroon, black or blue thick mat finish curtain at the back so that the flashlight does not reflect. At the same time, picture can be taken on different backgrounds also.

The lighting reflection should be spread in a manner so as to reach the lights at the corners. There should not be focus light on the object. Real color picture quality also depends upon the lights to be used.

It is important that while taking the Salwar Kameez Picture, you must use higher pixel camera so that the resolution is better and picture is clear.

Normally to take pictures there is a platform where the dummy has to be kept and put the cloth on the dummy in such a manner that it looks presentable.

3D Dummy is always better for photography because it gives a proper presentation of the outfit. Normally online boutiques use plastic 2D half body, 3D Dummy without face and 3D dummy with face.

Dressing style: Put the unstitched material in such a manner that it should give a look like finish ready to wear outfit. Wrap the salwar at the bottom and the kameez at the upper portion and put chunni on it.