Salwar Kameez Sale

India has a huge market for Salwar Kameez sale. There are different steps of selling like
(i) Manufacturers are selling to wholesalers
(ii) Wholesalers are retailing to retailers
(iii) Retailers are selling to end user or individual buyer.

It is very difficult for one manufacturer to make every kind of salwar kameez type material, so normally one manufacturer makes one type of material and sells it to wholesaler. Further the wholesaler selects salwar kameez material as per requirement and capacity to invest and buy from different manufacturers.

Wholesalers sell salwar kameez material to retailers. Retailers take material in less quantity but more variety, so they deal with many wholesalers and make a big range for individual clients.

Salwar Kameez sale varies from market to market. It is more important factor in salwar kameez sale that who are the target customers like there are many types of markets of salwar kameez sale dealing in all type of range in respect of cost, design, styles and above all fabric.

Environmental suitability is very important factor in salwar kameez sale that the fabric should be as per environment. Normally in hot season, cotton, lizy bizy, cotton khadi, swiss cotton, salwar kameez sale is on top ; and in winter cotts wool, Pure wool, Pashmina salwar kameez sale is on top.

The salwar kameez sale depends upon all these above mentioned factors.