Salwar Kameez Sarees

The women community of India is famous for wearing Salwar Kameez with dupatta and saris, infact both are Indian traditional dress. Women community from North India loves to wear Salwar Kameez with dupatta and sarees. And Sarees are a very common dress worn all over India. These days both the dresses are popular all over the world.

Both dress formed with three pieces, means as the combination of Salwar Kameez and dupatta known as Salwar Kameez or suit. Saree, Blouse and peticot as combination is known as Saree. In some cases women wear saree with cardigans without blouses.

These days the trend of Salwar Kameez from saree is also going on parallely. Normally the size of saree is 6 yard, which is good for making salwar and kameez even big or extra large sizes. There is need of matching dupatta with Salwar Kameez made from saree. Normally the designs on the saree are different and attractive so the Salwar Kameez made from saree looks more beautiful and unique then the Salwar Kameez made from the suit material. Normally, designers work with beautiful saree with a contrast color dupatta to make beautiful combination and sell at high prizes.

Salwar Kameez (made from saree) gives a different look and a number of unique designs can be create. In markets, sellers display Salwar Kameez with dupatta made by saris and sell as readymade salwar kameez.