Salwar Kameez Sewing Pattern, Salwar Kameez Patterns

Salwar Kameez pattern and sewing or customization as per the pattern or as per the size has a great market place in India. There are many companies that are involved into the production of patterns only. They are creating patterns and pictures of look and feel on a specific fabric.

The companies are producing different patterns for neck styles, sleeve style, kameez style, salwar style etc. These are available on worth cost and ready to use.

Pattern is a raw shape of designs or specific component of designer's creativity in the shape of paper or thin tin plates. Salwar Kameez Pattern are component with appropriate details of designing, designer, date of making patterns or design components, measurements, graded sizes etc.

The assembly of cuttings through these patterns with the real fabric becomes as the Kameez Patterns Salwar pattern or the different designs. There is no parameter of Kameez Patterns in respect of designing on bodice or neck, sleeves, back neck length and fittings.

The tailor follows the designer’s patterns and cut the material as per patterns and then sew the material as the designer’s instructions to form finished Salwar Kameez.

The word sewing is defined as stitching but here the meaning of sewing is depicted as customization of Salwar Kameez as per given measurements. Ready-made SK cannot have proper fitting whereas stitching or sewing or customaization can produce proper shaped Salwar Kameez.