Short Salwar Kameez

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These days a number of ladies can be seen in different cloths like pant (salwar) upto knee and short kameez upto hips but they use the terminology as salwar kameez. As the modern time changed the life of human beings, the ladies salwar kameez changed their trends.

Normally in the traditional salwar kameez, the kameez is long upto knee. Gradually the size of kameez became less upto hips with parallel and bootcut pants. The short kameez are very famous with buttons and embroidery at the front.

The sleeves size was usually lengthy upto wrist in the traditional salwar kameez but now short sleeve or sleeveless are very popular. New style is a 1-2 inches sleeve like a cap on the shoulder.

Boot cut and parallel also is in new style these days. These are 6 inches up from ankle. The amount of work is same like embroidery, thread work etc. but length became short.

In totality most of the women community love to wear short salwar kameez than traditional salwar kameez, especially the teenager birds love these short salwar kameez.